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Lions in Etosha

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Hippos / Okavango

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Giants playground

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Zebras in the NamibRand Park

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Selfdrive-Tours in Namibia

A hearty welcome to Elitours, your consultant for unguided Namibia tours with a rental car.

As a small family-run business we don’t only plan and book safaris in Namibia, but are also frequently on tour with our guests. Thus, we know the roads and their perils, the accommodations and their qualities and the highlights and their peculiarities from own experience. Your will profit from these long-standing experiences as self-driving visitor, when booking through us.

Our emphasis strongly lies on creating an individual, exciting, well-balanced and interesting safari character. It is important to us that you not only see the grand nature of our country, but that you also experience it. So, apart from the touristic destinations we gladly incorporate some unknown and unusual ones.

Well-balanced and exciting safaris for self-drivers

A visit on a guestfarm with personal connections and guided activities, may it be a short hiking trail, an amazing hot air balloon flight, an excursion in an open safari vehicle or on a romantic boat, will enhance your appreciation of this special country.

If you travel in Namibia, you will not be able to avoid driving long distances. Should the journey also serve to recover and to relax we are happy to include time to linger. This is especially important when travelling with children, who experience this sunny and vast land and the closeness to nature in a different way.

Experience Namibia on a self-drive tour

Travel organisation for self-drive tours

We support you on your way to your dream vacation through advising, planning, suggestions, calculations and bookings – always considering your preferences and special interests. Whatever you would like to see in this vast country, the route will be determined according to your special interests, Priorities and the time available.

You will certainly profit from our long and diverse experiences, regarding the planning, implementation and the supervision of safaris. We will plan an unforgettable safari through Namibia for you!

Self-drive enquiry